Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Animation- Story Creation

Stop cutting down trees.!

Premise ( Protagonists, Antagonists, Goals)
Who: Tree cutters .
What: The loggers cutting down trees for more paper.
Where: Forest full of tree.
When: Current time. Morning/Afternoon
Why: Deforestation cause harm to the habitats living in the forest.
How: The usage of paper is more than what is produced, thus, large amount of trees have to be cut down.

Conflict: Goals, Opposing Attributes, the Antagonists (Others, Self, the surrounding Environment)
An old lady saw the tree cutters cutting down the apple tree supposingly to supply for Snow White to ensure she was deep in her sleep. She was very angry and gave the tree cutters and their supervisor look inside a mirror, after she chanted: “Magic, magic ‘o’ mirror, show the future of the environment here”, then the mirror showed the environment a few years into the future and saw the effects of deforestation,almost all the forests had disappeared and the habitats were all dead, all the organisms,all the animals, were either extinct or endangered.

Crisis: Height of Conflict, Important Decision
At this moment, they realised that by cutting down the trees, the habitats living in the forest, even a small insect, could get harm, although they have no intention of killing the habitats living in the forest.
Climax: Resolution of Conflict, Achievement of Goals
After they realised their mistake,all the damage they had done,all the organisms they had killed. They reflected upon their mistake and they did not cut the trees anymore.

Done By : KCCM. (:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Materials and sustainability


2.Physical properties of Wood are moisture content,shrinkage,density,permeability and thermal and electrical properties. Properties of Metal are good conductor of heat and electricity, luster and density and the ability to be deformed under stress without cleaving. Properties of Plastic are transparency,flexibility,elasticity,permeability,water absorption, electrical resistance and specific gravity. Properties of Glass are solid and hard,disordered and amorphous structure,fragile,transparent,inert and biologically inactive and recyclable.



5.Sustainability is the capacity to endure.

6.A sustainable product is a product that can be made several times.
Examples are clothes

7.A sustainable environment is an environment that remains diverse and biological over time. Examples are long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests.

Answers for 1 and 2 are from Wikipedia,WikiAnswers and lenntech.com
Answers for 5 and

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I used SCAMPER to create new designs for a schoolbag.
If you can't read the words,they are:
New designs for a schoolbag using SCAMPER
Subsitute-What can you subsitute? What can be used instead?
Boxes with wheels.
Combine-Which parts can you combine?What can be added?
More pockets.
Adapt-How can it be changed to suit a purpose?
Remove the outer cloth,make it flat,make the material stronger and it becomes a trolley.
Modify-How can the color,shape,form or material be changed?
It can be made of a stronger material.
Put to other uses-What else can it be use for?
A luggage bag.
Eliminate-What can be reduced or removed from it?
The short straps on it.
Rearrange/Reverse-How can the pattern,layout be changed?
The arrangement of the pockets can be reversed to put in more things.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


What is SCAMPER?
S- substitute
  • switch part of your product for something else

    C- combine
  • combining two or more parts to get a different product

    A- Adapt
  • which parts should be adapted to change the nature of the process

    M- maximise, minimise or modify
  • make a part bigger or smaller,or changing part of the product

    P- put to other purposes / uses
  • how to put current product to other purposes

    E- eliminate
  • think of what might happen when part of the product is removed

    R- rearrange / reverse
  • think of what would happen if part of the product worked in reverse or in a different order.

    When do you use SCAMPER?
    Ans: When creating a new product or innovating a new product, SCAMPER can be used to improve the needs and uses of the product.

    How do we use SCAMPER? illustrate with examples.(sketches)
    Ans: By asking questions related to the SCAMPER meanings to create a product
  • Monday, February 1, 2010

    Ways to use a paper clip

    Here are some innovative(and nonsensical) ways for a paper clip(other than its original use):
    4.Ring (nose ring,bellybutton ring,earring...)
    6.Hair Clip(hey,if it can clip paper it sure can clip hair)
    7.Mini chopstick
    10.Watch strap
    11.Spectacle frame
    13.Fishing hook

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    Social Needs

    Waiting for a bus at a bus stop

    Physical Needs

    -Yellow line



    Intellectual Needs


    -Bus Information - Provided the bus route.

    -Reading magazines

    -Playing games

    Emotional Needs

    -When the bus is coming,we are excited.

    -We are glad that the bus is coming.

    -If the bus is still not coming, we feel angry.

    -If we miss the bus, we feel agitated.

    Social Needs

    -Talk to people who is also waiting for the bus.

    Products and services to improve the bus stop.

    Fan bus stop.

    More posters.

    More benches.

    Bigger bus stops.

    Underground bus stops for fresher air

    A service to alert us when the bus is approaching.

    Similarities between waiting for airplane and train.

    Fan at the place when we are waiting.

    All needs physical needs like shelter.

    emotional needs for being impatient.

    intellectual needs for playing when waiting for the bus,train or airplane.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    P.I.E.S Needs Analysis.
    -Waiting at the bus stop/trainstop/airport
  • Shelter(To block rain/shine)
  • Yellow Line(To prevent oneself from getting injured)
  • Educational TV Shows( To get information and learn)
  • Newspaper (To know more about the world)
  • Bus Information Board(To know the routes of the buses better)
  • Music Being Played (For relaxation)
  • Air ventilation(For fresher air)
  • Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Different Types of drawings

    1.Life Drawing - drawing as a means of expression; drawing from direct observation as in still-life
    2.Cave Drawing - drawing on cave walls of mostly animals
    3.Emotive Drawing - drawing in an expressive way,to explore & put feeling, mood & so on.
    4.Sketching - drawing in order to explain or actively thing through a problem.
    5.Analytic Drawing - drawing as a way to dissect, understand and represent.
    6.Perspective drawing - drawing as a way to represent volume, space, light, eye level, surface, planes & scales.
    7.Diagrammatic drawing - drawing in order to investigate, explore & document concepts & ideas.
    8.Illustration drawing - drawing in order to document; drawing to clearly state & render intent, style, size, color, character, effect and so on.

    Source: http://drawingconnections.blogspot.com/2007/04/types-of-drawing-making-marks-for-good.html.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010


    Environment is the surrounding/ conditions/factors in which a person, animal or plant lives/ operates, example like a lion living in the jungle, so the jungle is the environment the lion lives in, or for plant is the hydrilla living in the pond, so the pond is the environment the hydrilla lives in. The conditions of the environment varies in different places, example, a environment in the jungle, compared to the environment at the pond, may be dryer then the environment at the pond.

    By: Michelle, Clarabelle, Kristin, Celine.

    Art, Design, Media, Technology.

    What is ADMT?

    ADMT is sketching/ drawing, after planning how you want the artwork to be, then, showcasing your artwork using the media, like showcasing your artwork by the internet, newpapers, magazines, or any other capable media sources.

    Summarized on net.

    -Art is where our imaginations and emotions, whether happy or sad being drawn out.

    Adapted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art

    -Design is the planning that lays the basic sketch for our artwork.

    Adapted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design

    -Media is the way of advertising the product, the design or the art.

    Adapted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media

    -Technology advances in computer technology, technology is something that people researching science and created computers.

    Adapted from: Dictionary (Macbook pro application)

    By: Michelle, Clarabelle, Kristin, Celine.