Thursday, February 4, 2010


What is SCAMPER?
S- substitute
  • switch part of your product for something else

    C- combine
  • combining two or more parts to get a different product

    A- Adapt
  • which parts should be adapted to change the nature of the process

    M- maximise, minimise or modify
  • make a part bigger or smaller,or changing part of the product

    P- put to other purposes / uses
  • how to put current product to other purposes

    E- eliminate
  • think of what might happen when part of the product is removed

    R- rearrange / reverse
  • think of what would happen if part of the product worked in reverse or in a different order.

    When do you use SCAMPER?
    Ans: When creating a new product or innovating a new product, SCAMPER can be used to improve the needs and uses of the product.

    How do we use SCAMPER? illustrate with examples.(sketches)
    Ans: By asking questions related to the SCAMPER meanings to create a product
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