Thursday, February 11, 2010


I used SCAMPER to create new designs for a schoolbag.
If you can't read the words,they are:
New designs for a schoolbag using SCAMPER
Subsitute-What can you subsitute? What can be used instead?
Boxes with wheels.
Combine-Which parts can you combine?What can be added?
More pockets.
Adapt-How can it be changed to suit a purpose?
Remove the outer cloth,make it flat,make the material stronger and it becomes a trolley.
Modify-How can the color,shape,form or material be changed?
It can be made of a stronger material.
Put to other uses-What else can it be use for?
A luggage bag.
Eliminate-What can be reduced or removed from it?
The short straps on it.
Rearrange/Reverse-How can the pattern,layout be changed?
The arrangement of the pockets can be reversed to put in more things.

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