Thursday, January 28, 2010

Social Needs

Waiting for a bus at a bus stop

Physical Needs

-Yellow line



Intellectual Needs


-Bus Information - Provided the bus route.

-Reading magazines

-Playing games

Emotional Needs

-When the bus is coming,we are excited.

-We are glad that the bus is coming.

-If the bus is still not coming, we feel angry.

-If we miss the bus, we feel agitated.

Social Needs

-Talk to people who is also waiting for the bus.

Products and services to improve the bus stop.

Fan bus stop.

More posters.

More benches.

Bigger bus stops.

Underground bus stops for fresher air

A service to alert us when the bus is approaching.

Similarities between waiting for airplane and train.

Fan at the place when we are waiting.

All needs physical needs like shelter.

emotional needs for being impatient.

intellectual needs for playing when waiting for the bus,train or airplane.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

P.I.E.S Needs Analysis.
-Waiting at the bus stop/trainstop/airport
  • Shelter(To block rain/shine)
  • Yellow Line(To prevent oneself from getting injured)
  • Educational TV Shows( To get information and learn)
  • Newspaper (To know more about the world)
  • Bus Information Board(To know the routes of the buses better)
  • Music Being Played (For relaxation)
  • Air ventilation(For fresher air)
  • Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Different Types of drawings

    1.Life Drawing - drawing as a means of expression; drawing from direct observation as in still-life
    2.Cave Drawing - drawing on cave walls of mostly animals
    3.Emotive Drawing - drawing in an expressive way,to explore & put feeling, mood & so on.
    4.Sketching - drawing in order to explain or actively thing through a problem.
    5.Analytic Drawing - drawing as a way to dissect, understand and represent.
    6.Perspective drawing - drawing as a way to represent volume, space, light, eye level, surface, planes & scales.
    7.Diagrammatic drawing - drawing in order to investigate, explore & document concepts & ideas.
    8.Illustration drawing - drawing in order to document; drawing to clearly state & render intent, style, size, color, character, effect and so on.


    Wednesday, January 13, 2010


    Environment is the surrounding/ conditions/factors in which a person, animal or plant lives/ operates, example like a lion living in the jungle, so the jungle is the environment the lion lives in, or for plant is the hydrilla living in the pond, so the pond is the environment the hydrilla lives in. The conditions of the environment varies in different places, example, a environment in the jungle, compared to the environment at the pond, may be dryer then the environment at the pond.

    By: Michelle, Clarabelle, Kristin, Celine.

    Art, Design, Media, Technology.

    What is ADMT?

    ADMT is sketching/ drawing, after planning how you want the artwork to be, then, showcasing your artwork using the media, like showcasing your artwork by the internet, newpapers, magazines, or any other capable media sources.

    Summarized on net.

    -Art is where our imaginations and emotions, whether happy or sad being drawn out.

    Adapted from:

    -Design is the planning that lays the basic sketch for our artwork.

    Adapted from:

    -Media is the way of advertising the product, the design or the art.

    Adapted from:

    -Technology advances in computer technology, technology is something that people researching science and created computers.

    Adapted from: Dictionary (Macbook pro application)

    By: Michelle, Clarabelle, Kristin, Celine.