Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Animation- Story Creation

Stop cutting down trees.!

Premise ( Protagonists, Antagonists, Goals)
Who: Tree cutters .
What: The loggers cutting down trees for more paper.
Where: Forest full of tree.
When: Current time. Morning/Afternoon
Why: Deforestation cause harm to the habitats living in the forest.
How: The usage of paper is more than what is produced, thus, large amount of trees have to be cut down.

Conflict: Goals, Opposing Attributes, the Antagonists (Others, Self, the surrounding Environment)
An old lady saw the tree cutters cutting down the apple tree supposingly to supply for Snow White to ensure she was deep in her sleep. She was very angry and gave the tree cutters and their supervisor look inside a mirror, after she chanted: “Magic, magic ‘o’ mirror, show the future of the environment here”, then the mirror showed the environment a few years into the future and saw the effects of deforestation,almost all the forests had disappeared and the habitats were all dead, all the organisms,all the animals, were either extinct or endangered.

Crisis: Height of Conflict, Important Decision
At this moment, they realised that by cutting down the trees, the habitats living in the forest, even a small insect, could get harm, although they have no intention of killing the habitats living in the forest.
Climax: Resolution of Conflict, Achievement of Goals
After they realised their mistake,all the damage they had done,all the organisms they had killed. They reflected upon their mistake and they did not cut the trees anymore.

Done By : KCCM. (:

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